Yasue's painting canvas is infinite;
from the tips of your fingers to the interior walls of your home.

Mural Art

Yasue has been a mural artist for fifteen years and has painted for both residential and commercial clients. Yasue can create custom murals to fit any style, size, and budget. Please click on the thumbnails below to see the different examples of Yasue's work.

Yasue's specialization ranges from trompe l'oeil* (French for "trick the eyes"), to traditional portraits and faux finish.**

Yasue's extensive study of mural art comes from her experience in working as a first assistant for artist Liza Lidow (Guinness Book of World Records holder for sculpture painting).

Yasue twice accompanied Mrs. Lidow to France for a special mural project. And it was when Yasue returned from working in Europe that she started her own painting career.

Since 1994, Yasue has painted over fifty murals at private residences and commercial spaces.

Clients are delighted with the quality of Yasue's work and professionalism. Yasue is committed to deadlines and has a strict privacy policy.

Yasue is meticulous to detail both in her art and in keeping the environment in which she works clean.

Client references are available upon request.

Wall Murals

Children mural_main-cactus mural_main-money mural_main-stonewall mural_main-bamboo mural_main-twowoman mural_main-apt mural_main-terrace mural_main-window mural_main-monkey

Faux Finishes

mural_main-cabinet mural_main-divider mural_main-mantel mural_main-cabinet2 mural_main-chair


For inquiries, please contact Yasue at: (310) 617-1192

* Trompe l'oeil is a painting technique creating a three-dimensional illusion on a two dimensional surface.
** Faux finish technique, created with paint, depicts the illusion of wood, marble and other surfaces on furniture, tiles and objects.